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Sunday Worship Attendance

Tony Morgan has a series of blog posts about declining attendance in Sunday worship services, and I found it interesting: Part 1: Panic at the Church: Dealing with Less Frequent Attendance Patterns Part 2: How One Church Leans In to … Continue reading

29. November 2016 by luke
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God’s Great Dance Floor

“Praise and worship” differs from other forms of Christian popular music because of its explicitly stated purpose for facilitating experiences of worship. This is music designed for use by Christian believers to actively negotiate their relationships with God. … the … Continue reading

25. August 2014 by luke
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Age-Segregated Worship On the Way Out?

Here’s an interesting sign of the times: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale now offers only one service at 10:15 a.m. with, essentially, blended worship – that means no more separation based on age, likes and comfort. For years … Continue reading

08. September 2011 by luke
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Purposeful Worship

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we worship? What’s it for? It’s the most salient feature of church life; in fact, people often use “church” as shorthand for “worship.” If someone says, “Let’s go to church this Sunday,” for … Continue reading

28. November 2010 by luke
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