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Sexual Relationships — Theory and Practice

In view of all the changes to the PC(USA)’s Book of Order, it’s worthwhile to look at what its Book of Confessions says it believes. We wouldn’t want our practice to get ahead of our theology, after all: d. The … Continue reading

17. October 2015 by luke
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Grace vs. Consequences

From the infinitely-rich “God doesn’t give us what we deserve” department, the Anchorage Daily News brings us a cautionary tale: A Sutton man is being treated for serious head injuries after he was found pinned under his ATV on the … Continue reading

20. May 2013 by luke
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The Catholic Church (Part 1)

I’ve mentioned that “Orthodox” is a word I’d like us Mainline Protestants to reclaim. Another word like that is “Catholic.” The word “catholic” means “universal” or “entire.” It comes from a Greek word that means “according to the whole.” Unlike … Continue reading

07. March 2011 by luke
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Straight Teaching

Imagine an argument where one parent said, “I love our baby,” and the other parent didn’t reply, “Well, so do I!” Even in an amicable separation, that would raise some eyebrows. For the same reason, there are three words I’d … Continue reading

21. February 2011 by luke
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Apparently We Don’t Believe Anything

Another problem with the new PC(USA) web site: apparently we don’t believe anything anymore. Or, if we do, those beliefs are carefully hidden. Now, I’m on record as liking the new look of our denomination’s website. And I’ve already commented, … Continue reading

15. July 2010 by luke
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