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Church is Good for You

Not long ago, I blogged the news that it’s better to give than to receive. Now comes the news that going to church is good for you. It’s almost like there was some kind of supernatural agency that wanted us … Continue reading

22. April 2013 by luke
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More on Thanksgiving

I wrote about thankfulness a while back, but I hadn’t seen this piece from the New York Times about the health benefits associated with gratitude: Compared with a control group, the people keeping the gratitude journal were more optimistic and … Continue reading

30. November 2011 by luke
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Kristof on Human Trafficking

Nicholas Kristof has another column about the awful reality of human trafficking. (Reader discretion advised.) So for those of you doubtful that “modern slavery” really is an issue for the new international agenda, think of Srey Pov—and multiply her by … Continue reading

17. November 2011 by luke
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Do You Have Free Will? I Hope So!

John Tierney blogs about free will in the Science section of Monday’s New York Times. He’s coming from a non-religious scientific point of view, but here’s the takeaway: … [people] pragmatically intuit that regardless of whether free will exists, our … Continue reading

23. March 2011 by luke
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King James Bible at 400

From a couple of weeks ago, a brief article in the New York Times on the importance of the King James Bible. This year is the 400th anniversary of its printing. I’ve been writing short articles about the King James … Continue reading

22. January 2011 by luke
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