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Sunday Worship Attendance

Tony Morgan has a series of blog posts about declining attendance in Sunday worship services, and I found it interesting: Part 1: Panic at the Church: Dealing with Less Frequent Attendance Patterns Part 2: How One Church Leans In to … Continue reading

29. November 2016 by luke
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Best Tim Tebow Article

I don’t follow football very closely, but as a former Coloradoan, it was good to see Tebow shake things up with those come-from-behind wins most of this past fall. And after the win last week against the Steelers, it’s been … Continue reading

13. January 2012 by luke
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Radical Reformission

I just finished reading Mark Driscoll’s Radical Reformission. He’s right on about the missional character of the church and some of the things that prevent us from being faithful to that calling. It’s also very enjoyable reading. The problem with … Continue reading

29. September 2010 by luke
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One Hundred Years

A hundred years ago, leaders of the major Protestant denominations and missionary societies met in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the World Mission Conference. Historians of the church mark this conference as the beginning (or rather, the formal recognition) of the modern … Continue reading

21. September 2010 by luke
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Home From My Retreat

What do you call it when you come back from a retreat? — an attack? Well, technically, I wasn’t on a retreat. I was at the 2010 Academy of Missional Preaching (Southwest). But it was held at the Serra Retreat … Continue reading

24. July 2010 by luke
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Encountering the Culture

Then he went about among the villages teaching. He called the twelve and began to send them out two by two. —Mark 6:6-7 In AD 100, the worldwide total number of Christians might have been about 25,000. For the next … Continue reading

01. March 2010 by luke
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