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Newsboys at Fusion Alaska 2013

On my other blog, I talk about last night’s Newsboys concert.

10. August 2013 by luke
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Grace vs. Consequences

From the infinitely-rich “God doesn’t give us what we deserve” department, the Anchorage Daily News brings us a cautionary tale: A Sutton man is being treated for serious head injuries after he was found pinned under his ATV on the … Continue reading

20. May 2013 by luke
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We buttoned up our U-Pack trailer on Wednesday, March 7, expecting it to arrive in Anchorage around March 21, or perhaps a little later. Instead it was here a week later, on March 14. It went by road to Seattle, … Continue reading

16. March 2012 by luke
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Children dying of exposure

I read two terrible news stories today, and I can’t help but play connect-the-dots with them. A 3-year-old girl from America’s northernmost community died and her younger sister suffered hypothermia after their mother and the mother’s boyfriend left them in … Continue reading

04. March 2012 by luke
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New Call!

I’ve accepted a new call. Assuming that all the denominational processes work themselves out, then effective March 12, 2012, I will become pastor of Jewel Lake Parish in Anchorage, Alaska. You can’t photograph a church, but here’s the building they … Continue reading

27. January 2012 by luke
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Something Wonderful – Hallelujah

Somebody on Facebook pointed this out to me. I love it: I especially like the interpretation of “forever and ever” about 2:05 in.

19. December 2011 by luke
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