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Well. Oregon-Idaho takes up support for RCRC denied at GC2016. RCRC is the religious coalition for reproductive choice, i.e., they advocate for abortion rights.

23. June 2016 by luke
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Thoughtful contribution to the abortion discussion

Ann Althouse proposes a new regulation for abortion, which I believe would be useful. It comes at the conclusion of an insightful posting about a disturbing lack of humanity that may be seen on the “pro-choice” side of the argument. … Continue reading

18. June 2013 by admin
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A Woman’s Right to Choose

Apparently, women in China are going to have a right to choose whether to have an abortion. This is a great pro-life victory: Following international outcry, China’s Population and Family Planning Commission issued an order to ban the use of … Continue reading

14. September 2012 by luke
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Children dying of exposure

I read two terrible news stories today, and I can’t help but play connect-the-dots with them. A 3-year-old girl from America’s northernmost community died and her younger sister suffered hypothermia after their mother and the mother’s boyfriend left them in … Continue reading

04. March 2012 by luke
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