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Bishop Barron – long interview

I’ve enjoyed a lot of Bishop Barron’s postings inspired by things going on in pop culture. So I was intrigued when YouTube recommended this longer form interview between him and Dave Rubin. Barron is especially interesting here discussing gay marriage, … Continue reading

03. February 2017 by luke
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Wesley’s Questions

If you’re familiar with 12 Step programs, you might remember that Step 4 is the Truth, i.e., “Make a searching and fearless written moral inventory of yourself.” There’s a reason they say *searching and fearless* — it’s hard to be … Continue reading

17. August 2016 by luke
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My friends from Seminary, many of them, are posting from #GA222 in Portland. Reading their posts, I feel like such a dog in the manger. “They’re happy. Why can’t you be happy for them?” I ask myself. The reason is … Continue reading

23. June 2016 by luke
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Well. Oregon-Idaho takes up support for RCRC denied at GC2016. RCRC is the religious coalition for reproductive choice, i.e., they advocate for abortion rights.

23. June 2016 by luke
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Tim Keller: What is a Conservative Protestant

I’ve mentioned the recent Pew survey to some people this week and several have asked me what “Mainline Protestantism” is and how it relates to “Evangelical Protestantism”. The Pew people explain their methodology, but it’s not especially useful unless you’re … Continue reading

15. May 2015 by luke
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Some quotes from leaders attending Orange Conference last week, via Brian Dodd: The antidote to cynicism is curiosity. The curious are never cynical. The cynical are never curious. The cynical have it all figured out.—Carey Nieuwhof There are no balanced … Continue reading

01. May 2015 by luke
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The Problem of Christian Eductation

Ed Stetzer reminds Sunday School teachers to make sure that children know the story instead of just a bunch of Bible stories. He’s right, and that’s something the preacher needs to be concerned about too.  

21. February 2015 by luke
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Worship Leaders Tip

Donald Miller: the difference between an artist an an entertainer. We want our worship to be enhanced by the contributions of artists. We don’t want entertainment. (Truthfully sometimes we do want, but it’s a desire we should resist.)  

20. February 2015 by luke
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Church and State, Part 17,402

Fine with me: Most Americans Say the State Should not Define Marriage.

02. December 2014 by luke
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“We Are Not Enough in Awe of God”

In support of his new book Miracles, an interview in Christianity Today with Eric Metaxas. I began with the parting of the Red Sea, healing a tumor, curing blindness—things that aren’t fluffy like a kitten in the sunlight. People say … Continue reading

12. November 2014 by luke
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